Samková, Klára A. - It Shouldn‘t Happen to a legal beagle

Samková, Klára A. - It Shouldn‘t Happen to a legal beagle

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Rok vydání: 2018
Vazba / Podoba: Brožovaná bez přebalu lesklá
Nakladatelství: JUDr. Klára Alžběta Samková, Ph.D., advo
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Vydavatel:JUDr. Klára Alžběta Samková, Ph.D., advo
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JUDr. Klára Alžběta Samková, Ph.D., born in 1963 in Brno into a family of art historians. She graduated from the Law Faculty in Brno and Prague, furthermore studied at London´s College of Law. She has undertaken a number of study visits abroad mainly focusing on the defence of human rights including time spent in the Canadian Parliament and with the Canadian Commission for Human Rights as well as in the USA Congress in the office of Congressman Christopher Cox. In 1990 she was elected as a member of the Federal Parliament (of the then Czechoslovakia) and there for the length of her two-year mandate worked in the Constitutional and Legal Affairs Committee. In 2003 President Václav Klaus nominated her to become a judge of the Constitutional Court but the Senate rejected her nomination on the grounds of her supposed ´immaturity´.

Since 1994 has managed her own law office in Prague which only employs women lawyers. In the public arena she continuously expresses her opinions in relation to legal matters and politics in general. Thus far she has published the following books: „Searching for Scarlett“ – a travelogue in the footsteps of the heroine of the novel ´Gone With the Wind‘, published by Road Prague, 1994 and again Blinkr Prague 2014), with Lukáš Kohout „False Assistant in the Corridors of Parliament“ (Euromedia Group, k.s. – Ikar, 2006); publishing house Blinkr: „The Romany Question – psychological reasons for the social exclusion of Roma“ (2011) in Czech as well as in English, a guide to divorce „Get Rid of That Moron For Me / Get That Bitch Off Me“ (2012), „I Write, So I Live/ I live, So I Write“, a selection of her blogs from 2008 – 2012 (2013) and columns about travels with her mother and also her daughter „Across Europe With Mum“ (2014), with own finance published „111 Jokes About Lawyers“ (2016) and the Bondy publishing house joined her in publishing a book of interviews „Why Islam Mustn´t Enter the Czech Republic“ (2016).

Other information and articles by Klára A. Samková can be found on her official web pages and on the web pages of her law office Klára Samková is also very keen on contributing to her Facebook account under her name as a private individual.

Rok vydání2018
AutorSamková, Klára A.
Vazba / PodobaBrožovaná bez přebalu lesklá
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