Boom, Felix - Jesus Christ, a Rogue

Boom, Felix - Jesus Christ, a Rogue

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Jazyk: anglický
Počet stran: 235
Rok vydání: 2018
Nakladatelství: BLINKR s.r.o.
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The novel, bordering between real story and fantasy, controversial by nature, has been written by an experienced author, established up to now in a different genre. Hence the author's need for pseudonym. The plotline is based on the return of Jesus Christ to the earth after more than 2000 years. Jesus Christ is acting as a tabloid sports reporter and a good sportsman, a footballer, interpreting the New Testament and its key events through the 21st-century human way of thinking. Through witty dialogues, Jesus reveals God as an illiterate, who speaks only Hebrew, a bad father, a speed demon and the like, and accuses Him of having made many mistakes.

Furthermore, Jesus presents God with a "Jesus 2010" project, aimed at averting the decline of Christian faith. In the end, God agrees to it. Jesus Christ then puts the project into practice, rectifying many errors in the interpretation of Christian history often in shocking ways. Concrete procedures are discussed by the two characters over mobile phones.

In the spirit of a worldly, cheerful story, Jesus Christ returns to the earth in the Czech Republic, the place he has chosen as a base for his pilot project and his plan to save the world - because the Garden of Eden may well have been situated there. Capable of performing miracles, Jesus searches for a new way of existence in a common lay and secular milieu of the 21st century. He is confronted with situations he has been only theoretically prepared for and he works on his relation to women and to property: he buys a flat and a good car, he is successful at his job, he finds a girlfriend, loses virginity, discovers the sexual side of his life, gets a dog, conceives a son…

Jesus' miracles affect politics, corruption, sport, show-business and the fates of humans as well. He is the cause of major turns in various social affairs. Just as during his first life, even in a democratic society Jesus creates tension with his daring actions, acting not only as Jesus Christ but as a brave man, too. Quickly, he becomes a celebrity but faces more and more problems. Eventually, he gets crucified again, this time in the 21st century and in a "civilized" manner: shot dead treacherously from behind. The final part of the story shifts to a thriller genre. The main feature of the story, despite its tragic ending, is humor. It makes faith in God more human through the faith in positive values of human life, such as the truth, honor or attempts to act justly and do good - something people are not capable of anymore. That is why Jesus Christ had to return.<>p The novel is a success, regarded as an outstanding one. However, the Czech market is very small.

Rok vydání2018
AutorBoom, Felix
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